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Property For Sale: Land For Sale Bowood Green Hill Ref NMGHL
EC$10.00|US$3.68 (per square foot)

Green Hill, St. Vincent

Green Hill is a developing residential...MORE

Property For Sale: Land For Sale Queens Drive Ref ACQDL
EC$96,250.00|US$35,426.00 (each)

Queens Drive, St. Vincent

There are two lots available measuring 6,875...MORE

Property For Sale: Allen Building Property For Sale Kingstown Ref PJAKP
EC$1.5 M|US$552,100

Lower Middle Street

The Allen's Building is located at Lower Middle...MORE

Property For Sale: Clifton House Property For Sale Fair Hall Ref SGCPFH

Fair Hall, St. Vincent

Clifton House is located at Fair Hall on...MORE

Property For Sale: Lands For Sale Akers Ref DBAP
EC$3.1 Million|US$1.14 Million

Akers, St. Vincent

This 6+ acres of land is ideally located at...MORE

Property For Sale: Property For Sale Layou REF VVLP
EC$216,885.00 | US$79,828.00

Layou, St. Vincent

This parcel of land measuring 14,459 square feet...MORE