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Property For Sale: Grand View Beach Hotel Property for Sale Villa Point Indian Bay Ref SIBP
EC$5.765 Million|US$2.12 Million

Villa Point, St. Vincent

The name Grand View Beach Hotel speaks for itself...MORE

Property For Sale: Cassonovana House Property For Sale Casson Hill Ref BWCHP
EC$895,000|US$329,420 (OPEN TO OFFERS)

Casson Hill, St. Vincent

Cassonovana House is located at Casson Hill which...MORE

Property For Sale: Sol House Property at Layou Ref SGPL
EC$150,000|US$55,210 (OPEN TO OFFERS)

Layou, St. Vincent

Sol House is a cozy two bedroom property located...MORE

Property For Sale: Keartons House Property For Sale Keartons Barroullie Ref ATPW
EC$270,000 |US$99,378 (OPEN to OFFERS)

Keartons, Barroullie

This property is boundary with the main Leeward...MORE

Property For Sale: Land For Sale Golden Vale Ref JGGVP
EC$266,000 | US$97,906

Golden Vale, St. Vincent

This lot of land measures 19,000 square feet and...MORE

Property For Sale: Land For Sale Queens Drive Ref PNQDP

Queens Drive, St. Vincent

This lot measures 13,362  square feet and it...MORE